Willmar Schwabe Carbo Animalis 30 CH

by Willmar Schwabe

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Willmar Schwabe Carbo Animalis 30 CH description

Details of Willmar Schwabe India Carbo Animalis :

Willmar Schwabe India Carbo Animalis is also indicated in glandular affections. Glands swollen and painful in neck, axillae, groin, mammae with cutting lancinating and burning pains. Carbo Animalis is also helpful in skin affections like acne rosacea and warts. Warts on hands and face of old people with bluish color of the extremities. It also useful in chilblains which is worse in evening, in bed and from cold.

Willmar Schwabe India Carbo Animalis seems to be especially adapted to scrofulous and venous constitutions, old people, and after debilitating disease, with feeble circulation and lowered vitality. Carbo animalis patients shows the glands that are indurated, veins that are distended, skin blue. In case of stitching remaining after pleurisy, carbo animalis is considered. These patients are easily strained from lifting.  In cases of weakness of nursing women carbo animalis can be thought about. All the secretions of carbo animalis patient are offensive. Carbo animalis has the symptoms of local congestions without heat.

Carbo Animalis is a chief remedy for the treatment of weak digestion. It also helps in ailments from loss of fluids, eating spoiled fish and decayed vegetables. Weak empty feeling in the stomach not relieved by eating. Burning and gripping pain in the stomach. Eating tires patient . Repugnance to fatty food. It also relieves flatulence.

Willmar Schwabe India Carbo Animalis 30 CH

Purpose of Willmar Schwabe India Carbo Animalis :

Mind :

  • Nostalgia
  • Mournful feeling of isolation, Homesickness.  
  • Desire for meditation. 
  • Desire solitude, avoids conversation.  
  • Ill - humoured taciturnity. 
  • Anger about past events.  
  • Changeable moods.  
  • Fear of suffocation, worse on closing eyes. 
  • Fear evening, dark, high places. 
  • Anxiety at night, Frightful images before sleep 

Generalities :

  • Weakness worse menses, nursing women, least loss of vital fluids.  
  • Malignancies, Cancer, esp. stomach, uterus, glands, with Burning pain.  
  • Susceptible to colds and easy sprains.  
  • Induration, swelling of glands, lymphnodes.  
  • Worse by Cold,  Coldness at night in bed, Numbness 

Food and drinks : 

  • Desire : Eggs, whisky, sauerkraut, tonics.  
  • Aversion : Fat, rich food, tobacco 

Head  :

  • Pressive headaches worse by cold air, damp weather.  
  • Head sensitive to pressure of head.  
  • Headache as if tornado in head, as if head blown to pieces, has to sit op at night and hold it together 

Ear  :

  • Hearing confused, cannot tell direction of sound; as if tone came from another world.  
  • Ear discharge and swelling of mastoid 

Nose  :

  • Epistaxis ( Nosebleed ) preceded by vertigo or pressive headache.  
  • Hard, bluish tumors on tip of nose. Red tip, cracked 

Face  :

  • Bluish cheeks and lips, Acne, Erysipelas.  
  • Vesicles or cracks on lips 

Mouth  :

  • Knotty indurations in tongue. 
  • Burning blisters which become ulcers 

Stomach  :

  • Weak digestion, Flatulence.  
  • Weak, empty feeling, not better by eating; in nursing women.  
  • Cancer of stomach 

Abdomen  :

  • Great distention; after operation.  
  • Hard, suppurating bubo, offensive discharge. 
  • Induration of pancreas. 
  • Coldness rising up in mouth 

Male genitalia  :

  • Cancer of testes. 
  • Scirrhus 

Female genitalia  :

  • Menses, dark, clotted, too frequent, too long, Followed By Great Exhaustion, can hardly speak.  
  • Flow only in morning ( Bov. ).  
  • Cancer of uterus, burning pain down thighs.  
  • Cancer of ovaries. Right ovary seems heavy ball.  
  • Induration of neck of uterus with burning.  
  • Leucorrhea burning, biting, stains linen yellow 

Chest  :

  • Painful induration in breast, purple, aggravated on right.  
  • Induration, swelling axillary glands 


  • Injury and neuralgia of coccyx, burning pain aggravated by touch, sitting, lying.  
  • Glands of neck swollen 

Extremities  :

  • Weak joints. Straining and overlifting produce great weakness.
  • Ankle sprains. 
  • Great weakness and numbness in thighs, aggravated during menses 

Perspiration  :

  • Profuse, offensive night sweat, staining yellow 

Skin  :

  • Malignant ulcers, Blue, Venous plethora.  
  • Cicatrices become painful.  
  • Copper - colored eruptions.  
  • Red spots, smooth, indurated 

Complemntary :

  • Calcarea - fluor , Calcarea - phos.

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