Willmar Schwabe Arsenic Iodatum 6X

by Willmar Schwabe

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Willmar Schwabe Arsenic Iodatum 6X description

Details of Willmar Schwabe India Arsenic Iodatum:

Chronic inflammatory states of the lungs and bronchial tubes, with profuse, greenish-yellow, pus-like expectoration and short breath are especially relieved by  Arsenic Iodatum.
The peculiar and persistently irritating, corrosive character of all the discharges, particularly dry, scaly, burning and itching eruptions as psoriasis, tinea.
Ars. iod. has a marked action on the stomach, and when given low needs to be given after food.

Willmar Schwabe India Arsenic Iodatum 6X

Dosage of Willmar Schwabe India Arsenic Iodatum:

Put tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. 
Adults and adolescents (12 years and older) 2 tablets, two times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.
Children (under 12 years) 1 tablets twice a day.
In acute cases a dose every hour or two
In severe, painful affections- a dose half hour.
In chronic affections one to two doses daily.

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