Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil

by Vasu Pharma

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Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil description

Details of Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil:

Dazzle Oil is a combination of traditionally used aromatic oils with known muscular pain relieving effect. Dazzle oil is made up with Til oil, which ensures greater adsorption and better penetration to the site of action. Along with along ingredient of Gandhpuro oil, Narayan oil and Nilgiri oil and many more pain relieving ingredient make Dazzle oil a unique formulation for all origin of Joint and skeletomuscular pain. Mirch oil provides counter irritant effect that offers an edge to pain relief. Onset of action is prompt, providing quick relief from different type of pains like Muscular pain, stiff joints, backache etc. make Dazzle oil as a suitable on various painful conditions.

Features of Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil:

Fast Action, Prompt relief in pain
Improve flexibility of Muscles
Provides pain free mobility

Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil

How to use Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil:

To be taken as per advice of registered medicinal practitioners in Pain associated with RA/OA, Backache, Muscle stiffness, Musculoskeletal pain.
Massage gently on the affected area, 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician

Ingredients of Vasu Pharma Dazzle Oil:

Gandhpuro Oil
Narayan Oil
Erand Oil
Nilgiri Oil
Nirgundi Oil

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