Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000

by Endura

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Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000 description

Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000 Product Description :

The Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000, Unflavored 1.1 lbs. is an ideal health supplement for people desirous of maintaining a lean muscular body.  It is a protein-packed supplement that helps in burning excess fat, building muscles and getting a good body shape.

Enriched with Creatine & Glutamine

When you are serious about building and maintaining a lean strong body you require a real supplement of protein, carbohydrate, fats, creatine, glutamine, minerals & vitamin to maintain energy level, maximize the muscle growth and recovery. Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000 has all these and more.

It comprises a blend of proteins ( soya, whey, casein ), creatine and glutamine. Creatine, a natural compound, plays a powerful role in energy metabolism that helps during intense workout. Glutamine is considered anti- catabolic, growth hormone maximizer and cell volumizing agent that help in muscle recovery after intense workout.

Creatine & Glutamine along with a blend of proteins, rich in all essential and non-essential amino acids is a proven combination for optimum muscle mass enhancement.

Endura Mega Lean Mass Gainer 4000 - Muscle growth and recovery


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