Abbott Pediasure Kesar Badam Refill Pack

by Abbott Ensure

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Abbott Pediasure Kesar Badam Refill Pack description

Abbott Pediasure Kesar Badam Refill Pack  Product Description :

Give your little toddlers a healthy nutritional treat with Abbott Pediasure, which takes care of their dietary needs.Pediasure is made with a unique formula, which consists of vital nutrients, providing the nutrition that they miss out by not having their daily normal diet. It is clinically proven to be healthy for growth and development of children.Besides providing healthy nutrients, it is a healthy mix of probiotics that help strengthen your child’s immunity system, which helps reduce the risk infections your child may get in the school or playground. This mix is also enriched with essential vitamins and omega fatty acids that work effectively as a team to develop the child’s brain. Abbott Pediasure also contains necessary minerals, which are helpful in not only improving your child's immunity, but also making your kids gain height and weight.

  • Helps in the growth and development of children.
  • Quick source of energy for children.
  • Supports brain development.
  • Reduces the risk of infection.

Abbott Pediasure Kesar Badam Refill Pack - It Supports Brain development.

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