SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH

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SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH description

Description of SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH:
SBL Thiosinaminum Dilution is a homeopathic medicine majorly indicated for scarring. It is naturally formulated with genuine raw materials and extra neutral alcohol (ENA) which is the most expensive and pure form of alcohol. This unique blend makes it free from impurities and makes it distinct from other Dilutions in the market. It helps in treating middle ear infection.

SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH

Benefits of SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH:
Treats middle ear infection (Otits media)
Reduces scarring
Useful in case of fibroids in the womb
Avoids the formation of fibrous scar during surgeries
Helps in degenerative process in the spinal cord

How to use SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH:
As advised by a physician. Maintain 30 minutes gap between any drink, food or other medications. Avoid any strong smell in mouth while consuming the dosage.

Ingredients of SBL Thiosinaminum 1000 CH:

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