SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH

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SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH description

Description of SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH:
SBL Rosmarinus Officina Dilution is a highly beneficial tonic which is used for a variety of reasons. Rosemary is helpful in boosting the immune system, relieves pain the muscle area, improves memory, promotes healthy blood circulation and hair growth. Certain studies indicate that Rosemary slows the spread of leukaemia and breast carcinoma cells. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour agent.

SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH

Benefits of SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH:
Rosemary is an excellent source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6
Rosemary boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation
It helps corrects digestive disorders
It has anti-oxidant properties
Helps in improving memory and concentration
Rosemary contains carnosic acid which removes free radicals in the brain
Promotes healthy psychological functions

How to use SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH:
Take 10 drops of Rosmarinus Officina Dilution in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Ingredients of SBL Rosmarinus Officinalis 1000 CH:
Rosemary Officianalis

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