SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH

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30 ml
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SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH description

Description of SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH:
SBL Mercurius Solubilis Dilution known as mercurius hydrargyrum, or commonly called Quicksilver, this remedy is made from the powder of precipitated mercury, which makes this medicine safe as well as a great therapeutic drug. It is well suited to people whose occupation is related with working near a fire or metal castings. Deals with the sweating which increases during fever with no relief.

SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH

Benefits of SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH:
Reduces the sweating or nose bleeding during the day and night and the heat of bed in cold and damp weather
Removes the bad breath and discharging and foul smell
It helps to manage the loss of hair and oily sweat on the head
Reduces the inflammation and stinging burning on the scalp
Helps with the vertigo and headaches
It relieves the burning and corrosive discharges in the eyes
Good remedy for nose bleeds, foul smelling and bloody discharges, swelling and destruction of nasal bones, sneezing when goes out in sunshine
Reduces and calms the boils in external canal
Reduces the sensitivity in stomach with touch and leaving you with the feeling of continuous hunger
Helps in handling the trembling of hands and paralysis or the bone pains in limbs at night

How to use SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH:
As prescribed by the doctor and can be taken with allopathic medicines.

Ingredients of SBL Mercurius Solubilis 30 CH:
Black oxide

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