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SBL Aloe Socotrina 10M CH description

Details of SBL Aloe Socotrina 10M CH :

  • Aloes Socotrine has marked action in treating hemorrhoids caused on account of leading sedentary life and portal congestion. It is indicated in bleeding piles which appear like a bunch of grapes which are bluish in color. There is constant bearing down pain in the rectum, with intense itching and burning in anus. This pain prevents the patient from sleeping. Anus is very much tender, hot and sore with loose stool. The Pain is worse from heat and better by cold application.
  • Aloes Socotrine is also a chief remedy for diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is caused suddenly after eating and drinking. Diarrhoea drives the patient out of bed in the morning. Stools are scanty, watery, yellowish with jelly like mucus in the stool. Before the stool there is a feeling of fullness and tightness in the abdomen and heaviness in the rectum. During stool there is cutting, gripping colicky pain in the abdomen, excruciating pain with much flatus. Diarrhoea is worse after beer. Diarrhoea alternates with headache.
  • Aloes Socotrine is helpful in dysentry. There is inflammatory condition in the lower colon and rectum. Bloody discharge with much jelly like mucus and less blood. There is profound weakness and prostration from dysentry. 
  • Aloes Socotrine also helps in constipation due to sedentary life. Hard lump without any urge to pass stools. Stools are solid and masses of mucus pass involuntarily. There is entire loss of sensation in the anus. 
SBL Aloe Socotrina 10M CH

Purpose of SBL Aloe Socotrina 10M CH :


  • Preoccupied with his disease.
  • Irritable, discontented, filled with displeasure.
  • Irritable before stool, weak after.
  • Loathing of life.
  • Fear on seeing blood, doctors, hospitals, being alone, high places.
  • Amel. Evening.


  • Agg. Heat
  • Amel. Cold applications, open air.
  • Sensation of a plug internally.

Food and drinks

  • Desires: Fruit, esp. apples.
  • Agg. Beans and peas, sour things.


  • Congestive pain amel. cold applications, agg. heat.
  • Dull pain with heaviness in eyes and nausea.
  • Pain during constipation, before stool.
  • Complaints alternate with abdominal symptoms, back pain, hemorrhoids.


  • Twitching lids, esp. left, during daytime.
  • Closes eyes from headache.


  • Sensitive to noise, esp. music, cause trembling.


  • Heat of face.
  • Lips dry and cracked.


  • Appetite increased, agg. morning after stool; emptiness after stool.
  • Indigestion after beer, sour things, mistakes in diet.
  • Bitter eructations.


  • Spastic or ulcerative colitis.
  • Complaints agg. from suppressed anger.
  • Flatulence, distention, rumbing, agg. before stool.
  • Pain before stool. Pains extend to different parts.
  • Rectum
  • Annoying, insecure feeling in rectum.
  • Involuntary or unnoticed stool on passing flatus. Feels weak. Has to keep his attention to the sphincter.
  • During sleep, urination, after eating.
  • Intolerant, deep itching, sticks finger in rectum.
  • Sensation of plug, full sensation; paralyzed feeling.
  • Diarrhea: 5 or 6 a.m. , driving them out of bed.
  • Sputtering, cream colored, burning stool, mucus in stool, jelly-like.
  • Hemorrhoids like bunch of grapes, purple, amel. cold bathing.

Male genitalia

  • Impotency.


  • Amel. Lying on abdomen, agg. rising from sitting.


  • Coldness and numbness.
  • Cold hands alt. with cold feet.


  • That he is soiling himself.

Complementary Remedies

  • Kali-bi., Sep., Sulph.

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