Horlicks Lite Powder Regular Malt

by Horlicks

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Horlicks Lite Powder Regular Malt description

Horlicks Lite Product Description :
Nutritional requirements of adults -
Suitable for people with diabetes
Horlicks Lite - help fight fatigue 
Horlicks lite is specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of adults by providing quality protein and antioxidants for maintaining and repairing damaged body cells. The clinically approved contents in Horlicks Lite help fight fatigue and give strength and stamina.
Horlicks Lite Features :
*  Contains antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E beneficial for cell maintenance and tissue repair.
*  Zero Sugar and Zero Cholesterol and high fibre for a healthy start
*  A superior formulation of 26 vital nutrients that gives you kid energy for a healthy body
*  Packed with Calcium and Vitamin D for maintaining optimum bone health and strength
*  All in all natural ingredients to be rest assured about your health
*  Quick and Easy to mix
*  Is crafted with the natural goodness of malt, wheat and milk to offer essential nutrition. 
*   It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and protein to help fight fatigue and give me strength and stamina* to take on my day, everyday!**
Is designed with features like \'zero added sugar\', zero cholestrol1, and high fibre. Antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E, combined with protein to help in cell maintenance and tissue repair, make Lite Horlicks an ideal choice for adults.
Has been scientifically formulated at the Horlicks Nutrition Academy to cater to the nutritional requirements of adults. It is designed with protein calories as per ADA2 recommendation, which also makes it suitable for people with diabetes.
Horlicks Lite - help in cell maintenance and tissue repair, make Lite Horlicks an ideal choice for adults. Lite horlicks Assurance : High in Protein 1 & Iron 1, Antioxidants Nutrients, Zero Cholesterol, No Added Sugar.
Horlicks - Horlicks Lite For active and health conscious adults

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